How to Craft Exceptionally Successful Social Media Posts

Connecting with your target audience on a daily basis via social media can be arduous work. Following some tips, however, will make it easier and allow you to grow your business. Here are five tips that you should be doing every time you create a social media post.

Write Compelling Headlines

Approximately 83 percent of people read your headline, so it must capture their attention quickly. Tell the reader what is in it for them if they click on the post. Then, use the photo to show them the benefit. Ideally, your headline will have five words.

Use Numbers in Headlines

Using numbers in your headlines has been shown to increase the click-through rate better than other techniques. Research even shows that using the number 10 in your headline increases click-through rates. According to one study, headlines with the number 10 in them got 622 shares on Facebook followed by the number five with 396 shares.

Limit the Words on Top

Research shows that you only have 19 words to capture the viewer’s attention at the top of your sponsored content on Facebook. While word count is important, it is equally important to use words that resonate with your target audience. Find a way that they can relate to your content, and use the word “you.” Avoid repeating the same ideas as you help your readers decide to click on your sponsored content.

Use a Short Link Description

Your call-to-action should be very short. At the same time, however, it should continue to add new information to keep the reader excited about learning more. After all, you want them to click on your link to learn more details instead of feeling like you have already told them everything. The link descriptor should tell viewers the benefit of clicking on the link for them.

Choose Great Images

Images are a powerful way to convey your message to your audience. Research shows that images of happy women convert better than any other image as long as they tie into your message. Colors can be very attention-grabbing, and they can be a powerful way to stop a viewer’s attention long enough to grab them with your words. Try to choose unique images that present your company’s voice.

Following these tips and your own ingenuity is a great way to build your audience. While it can take some careful thought, employing them will help you grow your business. The results can be very worthwhile.

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